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Looking for merchant services that will not just help you get by, but positively benefit your business and your customers? We know now that with XYLO you'll get fast, easy, secure, and innovative payment processing solutions. But how does that impact your business?

Increase Sales With Cards Over Cash!

Will a customer spend more money if they can use a credit card instead of cash? Studies that track customer spending habits found that customers are more likely to spend money when they can use a credit card instead of cash. As a business owner or manager, that makes it is important to have a fast and efficient payment processing method for customers to use credit cards.

Improve Customer Experience

A large part of any business is having an exceptional customer experience from the moment they walk into your business until after they leave. So what is your customer’s experience when it’s time to check out? A fast, easy, and secure payment processing system makes it simple for your customer to checkout without any hassle or needing to figure out a cash payment!

Track Payments and Data

When it comes to operating a business, collecting data makes it easier to manage your business, understand customer habits, and see how your business is functioning day-to-day. How often do customers return to your business? How much do customers spend on average? What is your weekly gross profit? With merchant services from XYLO, you can easily track any digital payment and collect data about those transactions, along with additional customer information.

Expand Your Operation and Boost Efficiency

Looking for a way to take your business to the next level? Not only does our payment processing system allow customers to use credit cards at your location, but it also allows you to collect payments online. This can help you expand your operation online, whether you’re a restaurant looking to collect takeout orders online or ready to offer an e-commerce store where customers can shop and order online. Further, card payments can be processed easily, helping reduce customer wait time and boosting your business’s overall efficiency.


Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Our Help

Looking for ways to help your business run smoothly and provide a better customer experience? Find the right payment processing system with XYLO. Contact us today to get started!


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